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Enjoy smart, secure and future-proof ticketing for better service and an optimal visitor experience.

  • For all existing ticket systems & custom apps
  • Eliminate ticket fraud & exorbitant prices
  • Multifunctional ticket
  • Ticketing as a sustainable marketing tool
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Enhanced ticketing through a new approach

Our method and technology let you store tickets in the cloud or in your own ticket system. The tickets you sell are linked to our specifically designed e-tickets for mobile devices. Visitors can use these to access the event. This gives you complete control over ticket sales with your own existing ticket system.

This opens up new commercial opportunities so you – the service provider – can get the most out of ticketing and provide even better service to your visitors.

Future of ticketing (NL)

Sell tickets through every channel

Sell tickets through a channel of your choosing and eliminate unwanted middlemen. This lets you determine whether resale is possible, and what the associated rules are. Our technology links the tickets that are sold, to visitors’ mobile devices. They can gain acccess by using the Scan&Go self-scan or by showing the TigerID, the dynamic barcode that does not need an Internet connection.

You can fully implement Scan&Go and TigerID into your own visitor or traveller app, or use our ready-made app ‘Gettin’.

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