We are Ticketguard. The most secure ticket system on smartphones. We create infinite commercial opportunities so you can get the most out of ticketing.

Our story

We were born out of frustration with ticket fraud and extortion. While technology can literally take us to the moon, so far we have not been able to use it to eliminate ticket fraud and extortion.
At Ticketguard, we no longer believe in card-centralised tickets. We believe in the future. A future where we take ticketing to the next level. We accomplish this by combining proven methods with innovative technologies. We call this ‘account-based ticketing’, where the smartphone is the key tool for secure ticketing. This allows us to not only offer the best experience for customers, but also to build a relationship of trust between ticket providers and fans.

Our ultimate goal is to be an authority in the area of account-based ticketing, with a focus on providing access to guarantee the best visitor experience. We make sure you’re in control again, and make every event an even better party.